In today’s competitive market we find more businesses trying to compete for the same dollars. What assures you those customers will choose your business over all other similar types of businesses? Some of the answers are as follows. Quality of products is certainly at the forefront, insuring that whatever your product is that all the components are made of the best materials or ingredients. Pricing is another key component that will certainly affect your customer’s decision, making sure that they are getting value for the same or comparable goods. Accessibility requires having a webpage that best describes what your product is and how beneficial it is over your competitors. Make sure that your webpage is informative, easy to maneuver, and quickly describes what you offer and what you have to do to get your product. Details on location, hours, contact persons or departments and a way to communicate with the company are essential. I find it so frustrating when you’re on a business’s webpage and they seem to want you to search their whole site for that gem you’re looking for! Make it easy; time is of the essence.

Then there is what I always call “quid pro quo” getting something for just acting, a call to action in essence. What are you going to use to motivate customers that are considering using your company when the previous factors all fall in line? Giveaways are one of the items that may cause customers to act. So what kind of giveaways can you use? Hats, shirts, bags, pens, discounts,money? Or will you use something that will motivate a lot of people in this fast paced, stressful world we live in, without giving away the bank? Ah vacations are something people truly enjoy, look forward to and want to receive as an incentive for buying. The number one incentive is travel, as per Incentive Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.  We have luxury vacations for giveaways that offer the opportunity to give customers a reward for purchase or as a reward for achieving certain goals set by your company. We bundle vacations in such a way that it become extremely affordable to give away a vacation certificate for airfare and hotel under $100.00, or a cruise for under $50.00 or a simple 2 day get away for under $40.00.

Do giveaways to fulfill the need of having that competitive edge, from a company 30 years old and dedicated to ensuring you quality, affordability and accessibility to exotic destinations at a mere fraction of the cost.

So the answer is simple: to get your market share at the most reasonable cost, offer something that your competition isn’t even considering and create a wow factor for your customers to do business with your company or business.