Today’s world with competition biting at your heels, the need to incentivize your promotions is a must! Everyone is giving deep discounts on products, everyone knows that there’s always a better deal out there. By awarding vacations as a giveaway you’re standing alone and committed to increasing your sales and participation in contests and giveaways. Incentive magazine says that vacation incentives are the fastest growing segments in promotional pool of rewards and prizes. Your customers deserve some sort of acknowledgement for their continued patronization of your business. Furthermore, if they refer your business they should receive something as a further incentive to do more.

Vacation giveaways are sold in bulk for a very low cost and have a high perceived value. The vacation is a giveaway with some restrictions; the recipient will pay for any taxes and a small processing fee. We at Vacation Adventures use no resorts which require timeshare tours, 3-4 star properties and are located oceanfront whenever possible, no no-name properties, all rated highly, and our 25+ year history in the industry truly makes us as our logo says “The Leader in Promotional Travel”.

When have most people ever received a gift that they can actually use for their pleasure? Vacation certificates are desirable, great for sales incentives and gaining new customers. Car dealers, realtors, supermarkets, night clubs, bars, restaurants, and fitness training centers are just a small segment of what kind of companies use our products. Know your facts about what type of company you are using. You want your customers to be cared for and your promotion will make a difference in sales growth and customer participation.