Travel incentive is one of the most successful ways to increase traffic and gain a competitive edge over your competition, and it’s booming. This is according to the Incentive Research Foundation study done in early 2016. As businesses grow and budgets become more flexible, companies are finding proven ways to increase sales and gain an edge on competitors without using conventional methods of travel. Vacation incentives are proven to add more value to your promotional needs at a much lower cost. Travel certificates or incentives go hand in hand with customer retention and rewarding employees as well as customers for their loyalty.

Offering destinations that have broad appeal is an attraction that customers like competing for. Also, knowing what type of package to offer is crucial in knowing your promotional vacation objectives. Let’s say that you’re looking to increase traffic to your website or your brick & mortar location. That package needs to be simple, inexpensive and to the point, hotel stay only. If you’re using vacation certificates as a reward for a purchaser or for a job well done, then a more complete package that offers airfare & hotel rather than just hotel will work very well.

Offering up-grades for your vacation certificate is important as well, in both additional cost and quality of resort. Many people start planning and adding to their vacation certificate as soon as they receive it. The customer’s excitement about receiving an incentive vacation for just visiting or purchasing a product or service is essential to good promotional planning.

Our vacation certificates have been favored over other promotional giveaways by our clients. The fact that 80% of our clients are repeat consumers of our packages, really says volumes about our company, customer service and reliability in the use of vacation promotional giveaways for your next contest or giveaway.