When you use vacation certificates for giveaways, follow these simple steps. Plan a strategy that will work for your company. List desired achievable goals that you are attempting to attain by using vacations as giveaways. Is it to acquire new customers, generate more leads, reward for purchase or making your company more visible by offering something that your competition is not doing?

Vacation certificates come in many sizes and colors so to speak; there are accommodation packages with no airfare, there are cruise packages to Caribbean destinations and of course air and hotel packages. Each one should be used as an enticement for a particular task and goal, keeping in mind that these packages are bare bone packages and will give the recipient many opportunities to add on and customize their wants for an exciting vacation getaway.

A professional staff will need to assist you in evaluating your needs for a successful promotion; attaining specific goals and desired needs for your business to succeed is an ultimate goal. A customer service department is crucial in your decision in selecting a company that will consider your vacation certificate recipients as if they were their own customers and respecting their needs and reasonable wants. Better Business Bureau reviews and rating also play an important part in selecting a company, for without integrity we have nothing.

A company doing vacation certificates must have a reputation over the long haul. With almost 30 years of service Vacation Adventures International is the “Leader in Promotional Vacations”!