Travel certificates or vacation giveaways are the most desired promotional tool you can use. They’re inexpensive and the opportunity to give away a vacation for under $100.00 is really a no-brainer. The certificates come with certain restrictions and some fees, but if they are disclosed properly these are not issues. They allow a business to gain an upper hand from a promotional standpoint for little dollars and a great reward. Use them as contest giveaways, employee’s incentives, closing a deal, and /or rewarding a purchase.

Vacation certificates are a way of maximizing dollars on a promotional budget. Incentive travel has always produced tremendous results in increasing sale and customer appreciation. Again, they are the #1 desired prize that’s affordable and can be done on a weekly basis at a low cost to you. No matter what business there is, it always needs to incentivize itself to generate and increase sales, reward customers, motivate employees and in general stay ahead of the competition.