When purchasing certificates always try and purchase in bulk, that’s where the deals are. When our wholesaler sells to us we buy in very large quantities to save on the cost so we can then pass the savings onto you. We have a lot of clients that not only buy in bulk but also mix & match packages so that they have a tremendous variety of destinations and price points to offer Vacation Giveaway at their businesses. I always suggest that clients use vacation certificates in a variety of ways; create urgency to inquire about your business and products,  as a selling tool to offer as an incentive to purchase and lastly to upgrade their purchase and increase or upsell their total ticket.

Vacation certificates are odds and ends, bits and pieces of vacation getaways, they have some idiosyncrasies about them to really make them work in a competitive fashion.  Remember that when purchasing them they have to offer good destinations, no timeshares and reasonable upgrades. Most companies are solely in for the short haul. Make certain that the company has history and that they have referrals that you can check and feel comfortable with.

In closing buy in bulk, mix and match destinations and always ask questions that will assist you and your team in achieving dynamic effects.